I, Allen Baker, am a 26 year old multi talented guy from not so sunny Glasgow, Scotland in the Untied Kingdom.
My musical career has spanned 16 years so far and plan for it to progress a lot further than that. My main instrument has been Bass guitar and as a young kid/teenager had the support of my school teachers, bass tutor and family to get me to today. I would say, modestly that i am one of the best young bass players in Glasgow and have been fortunate so far to play with some of the best bands on the planet. To Date, I have released 8 records with different bands and currently I am working with Glasgow singer/songwriter Cami.
Along with playing Bass Guitar, I have been a avid guitar fan and over the last 8 years have been able to further my Electric guitar playing (Self Taught). I Have released some tracks of my guitar work which can be found on the links further down the page.

My production skills are still very new compared to my instrumental skills. I have been Producing, Recording and Mastering acts for the past 3 years. In that time I have been able to work with some great artists from close and a far and also been able to add my Bass and Electric guitar work onto these works.
At the moment, along with playing with Cami I am fortunate to write and produce her tracks on a weekly basis and home my trade further as well as preforming with her on a regular basis.
I have amassed a substantial recording set up that I use at home and regularly have artists and full bands recording.

As a Web Designer, I have been working at my talent since before I had started being a musician. From around 7 or 8 I was regularly using Commodore systems to write small bits of code and play very basic games. From there I was attending college courses with a family member and as they were learning to type documents I was learning HTML.
As I grew up and Myspace became the 'In Thing' I was using my HTML knowledge to modify my profile and make it more unique. From there I went onto 2 courses at college, I learned a wealth of information I use today but never finished the courses due to issues with members of staff at both college's.
At the present moment in time I have 6 website/servers under my management, all which have website's designed by me (some are shown below) and I continue to further my HTML and computer knowledge to this day.
I currently have my own Wordpress account and use it for my photography skills. This has opened a new avenue for me in teaching me how to use Wordpress correctly. I wouldn't call myself a novice, as I have ran a Wordpress account before, but I am constantly learning new tricks using Wordpress.


I hope you haven't died of boredom, have a look around or contact me and we can discus working together on a project in the future.

BassAs I discussed above, I am musician of many talents.
As a Bass Player, I have been playing and releasing music since I was a very young age, with well over 16 years of experience in Bass Guitar, Around 10 of those years have been active in the music industry.
As far as experience goes, I have shared the stage with some of the biggest acts in Metal and Rock music since the year 2000 in and out of Glasgow. Some of my bass work can be heard here on SoundCloud. At the present moment in time I have been working on my Solo EP and have this due to be released later this year and I have been working closely with Glasgow Singer/Songwriter Cami. In the past I have worked with "Rip in Reality", "Honesty Fails" and "The Curious Dave Clarke Collective" to name a few, All again on Bass Guitar.
As it stands I am also a very experienced Electric/Acoustic Guitar player. I currently own a extended range 8 String guitar and I have released most of my work on it through solo Ep's can be heard here on Bandcamp along with my SoundCloud again.
I have worked very close with Cami Ramsay over the last 6 months of 2012 in recording and writing material with her as a Acoustic Guitarist. This really was my first time playing a Acoustic, never mind live and has taught me some experiences I had not learned as a Bass Guitar player live.

In the past I have worked with bands on Demo tracking for their Ep/Albums, Writing Bass Guitar parts from their idea's and also done touring work. Regardless of my other commitments, I am always looking to do some more work, so please if you have anything you want to discuss please contact me - info@allenbaker.co.uk -

As a Producer, I offer many different services to customers.

Recording 1


- This process involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning the audio to remove any unwanted blemishes or corruptions and polishing the mixed sound with equalization, compression and other outboard processing.
This is the last opportunity before manufacture or release to ensure that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented in the best possible sound. -

Recording 2


- If you have a studio in mind, I can come into the studio and follow your recording from start to finish. I can also do a lot of recording of instruments through the equipment i have. A live studio can be organised, If you have somewhere in mind I can discuss it with the studio or home recording with me can be discussed.
As a musician of many instruments i can also write and/or add parts to your music. As discussed above i am very competent in Bass and Electric guitar and have connections in Brass, Piano and also vocals (Male and Female).
If you follow the link you will see the Recording Equipment I am currently using. -

Recording 3

Drum Creation

- If you have a look at My Gear you will see i have access to some the top drum emulation software. If you have a created song or even just a idea, I am more than willing to work with you not only to create it from scratch using a piano/midi roll but master it into a track or on its own for later use in your project.
I have ALL the Superior Drummer products (Including the Artist Packs), All EZ Drummer products and Steven Slate Drums 4.0 -

Alternatively you can email me to discuss anything to do with a current or new project info@allenbaker.co.uk

As a Web Designer. I have been creating designs and templates for about 4 or 5 years and I am involved in all aspects of the design. From the initial discussion on design, to the graphical aspects and layout to the after work of managing the content and the server that the website is on.



- A website for Glasgow Singer/Songwriter Cami Ramsay -

- I designed and built this website from the ground up. All graphics, frames and work was a custom design that i created. -

Allen Baker_Photography


- My personal photography Wordpress account, Using ProPhoto 4. -

- I use the ProPhoto 4 template and customised my needs around this. I have a good knowledge of Wordpress and how to customise it. -

Glasgow DayZ

Glasgow DayZ

- A website for online game for Scottish Players of Dayz -

- I designed and built this website from the ground up. All graphics, frames and work was a custom design that i created. -

At the present moment in time i manage and update several websites for businesses who require changes 24/7, Most of these changes are completed within 1 hour of me making first contact.

You can email me to discuss anything to do with a current Web Site or new Web Site or Design that you have in mind. info@allenbaker.co.uk

Connect with me through social media, get updates and listen to my new tracks or check out my photography on my Wordpress.

Email Me - info@allenbaker.co.uk